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Tobermory Distillery


2021 Update - The Tobermory Distillery shop & visitor centre is open daily 10:00 - 17:00. Tasting experiences are on offer from 17 May.

Tobermory Distillery produces two brands of malt; the soft and smooth Tobermory and the peated Ledaig (pronounced “Lay-chaik”) which is more full-bodied. It is an unfairly overlooked malt and the new "expressions" of 10 yr old Ledaig and 15yr old Tobermory are well worth seeking out as they deliver the peaty tones that will be liked by any fan of Islay malts.

Tobermory Distillery is a very small-scale distillery and the atmosphere is very informal and relaxed. The tour starts with an Audio-Visual presentation (in English) and then you go on a guided walk around the mash room and still rooms, before concluding your tour in traditional fashion with a “wee dram”. 

Your guide will explain the theory behind the unusual-shaped “lyne arm” on the stills. The design of the lyne arm determines how easily vapour escapes from the still, and Tobermory’s are designed to ensure only the lightest/purest vapours escape. 

Tobermory Distillery no longer has warehouses for maturing the whisky (the old warehouses are now the flats that you pass opposite the distillery) and the tour is a bit short as a result. This is not the sort of polished corporate branded distillery tour that you get with the larger spirit companies, but that makes it better in many ways and we would recommend a visit, especially if you haven’t been to a distillery before.


Tobermory Distillery, Mull, PA75 6NR. Tel: 01688 302647

Operated by:

Burns Stewart

Opening Hours:

Shop open all year: Mon to Sun: 11 am - 5 pm


£8 for the basic 45 min tour up to £20 for the tour with extended tasting session. (Children under 9 yrs not allowed on tour)




English speaking guide.








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