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Google Reviews

Below is a sample from some of our reviews on Google

"I convinced my other half to get the Scenic Tour 4-5 Days guide (even though he very much wanted to do it all himself), and it was the best experience ever. In fact, ever since this trip, we're trying to re-create the experience. Of course, Scotland can hardly let anyone down, but this guide truly made it an adventure. We found so many hidden and not so hidden gems, and everything was perfectly laid out for us so that all we had to do was decide how much time we had and what we wanted to see next. I can't recommend it enough and wish more guides like this existed!"
Saskia S. , Google Review

"I wish this had been the only guide we purchased. I had contacted Mike about a custom guide with a general outline of our trip just a few days before we left. He kindly wrote back to say that they were busy with a new website so couldn't do a custom tour in the short time remaining, but he nevertheless pointed out something in the itinerary for us to rethink. I asked him another question which he answered immediately. I want to emphasize that he did this thinking we were not going to be paying for his services.

We purchased a ready made itinerary and it has been fabulous. We followed routes and went on suggested walks not mentioned in any guide books that have all been superb. Plus Mike contacted us to thank us for the purchase and let us know he was available for questions. Just extraordinary value added."

Tamara Lipshie, Google Review

"These guys really are the best.  We used Mike's Flexi Days East to West itinerary last July and it was truly indispensable.  His itinerary is full of detail, including driving directions and options.  Mike is also very responsive if you have any questions.  We had such a wonderful time we are going back again this year, and we will be using his itineraries again for our planning.  I would also recommend his accommodations guide."
Wendy Martin, Google Review,

"Mike and Aurey from Secret Scotland prepared a fantastic itinerary for us. It was a huge ingredient in the success and huge enjoyment that we got from our trip. It was absolutely worth every penny and there is no way we could have seen so much and so well without their itinerary. We felt like we belonged in Scotland, we knew what we were doing and what it all meant at every step. We recommend their services wholeheartedly. Scotland is such a marvelous place. Thank you Mike and Aurey... and we will be back!"
Amalia Sancha / Palabra Send, Google Review

Facebook Reviews

Below is a sample of our reviews from Facebook. Click Here to see all of our reviews on Facebook, . 

Clients' Travel Blogs

Below are some quotations that we have taken from Blogs that clients have written about their travels in Scotland using our guides. Click on the links to visit the websites where you can read their full trip reports.

“Just like pictures of Scotland can’t do justice to the magnificence of the actual landscape, words can’t do justice to the brilliance and sheer volume of work you put in your guide. The level of detail provided on each stopover sheet, in all the different itinerary options and on all the B&B features exceeded even my most crazy expectations.”
LeSombre's Blog - The entertaining account of a Canadian client about their Whisky themed tour.

“One of the best things I did was purchase the 3 – 4 day itinerary from Secret Scotland for £11.99! Using this guide we were able to stay off the main roads and avoid the tourists, we got to see things that most don’t know about or miss. It was so worth the money.”
World Traveling Military Family Blog -  a hectic 4 day trip based on our Highland Explorer tour plan.

“Met up with Emma at the Old Excise House B&B, seriously Mike, my Secret Scotland guide, can you get nothing wrong? Awesome place.”
Cathy House's Blog Cathy's account of a short Scotland Tour using one of our travel guides.

“This is just what I needed to tie the trip together. They (Secret Scotland) have several itineraries to choose from and give great detail with their directions… They had wonderful recommendations for lodging that we used… Best of all they are Scots with the inside scoop on their own country.”
Tim and Kathy’s Blog - A detailed day by day account of Tim & Kathys travels using our Scenic Flexi and Classic Castle tour plans

“With the itineraries supplied by our friends at Secret Scotland firmly in hand, we went off in search of castles, Highlands, whisky, food and whatever else may cross our path.”
John & Patti Halls photographic Blog - John & Patti's pictorial record of their Scotland Tour using our Scenic Flexi Tour Plan


We also get mentioned on Tripadvisor forums quite a lot, but Tripadvisor doesn't have a category for us to list under so people can't leave reviews. The following is just a few extracts written about us on their travel forums: 

"I purchased a pre-planned itinerary from Secret Scotland to use as a template. They have lots of good suggestions and routes, well worth the money."
Posted on Tripadvisor Scotland Forum on the 13 April 2020

"Discovered their website while surfing the web looking for a better edited travel guide than Fodors or Frommers. Not that Fodors or Frommers aren’t very helpful, but I find if you know very little about a destination, it is essential to have another more detailed source in order to avoid overrated places and to discover gems that might get short shrift in a regular guide with space limitations.... Overall, an outstanding resource. Our trip was a great success because of their guide."
Posted on Tripadvisor in 2016.
By the way, we figured out which B&B had been a disappointment and we deleted it from the accommodation guides.

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