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Scotland Travel Blog February 2024

Game of Thrones Scottish Style - This month we visited Moray, a region of Scotland where several powerful families battled for control. As I dug deeper into the stories of the families and castles that controlled this area, it occurred to me that Scottish history is up there with "Game of Thrones" when it comes to plot twists and debauchery.

Scotland Travel Blog January 2024

Highlights of 2023 - It has become a bit of a Secret Scotland tradition to start the New Year with a Blog about the places and experiences that stand out as the best bits from the last 12 months. This always causes a bit of debate in our house, so some categories have multiple choices as we just couldn’t come to a unanimous decision. We hope you enjoy the blog as much as we did doing the research.

Scotland Travel Blog December 2023

Pubs for a Scottish Winter - December isn’t a time of year that we’d recommend for visiting Scotland. It gets dark too early, the weather can be depressing and most of the tourist attractions are closed. Fortunately, the bad weather gives you an excuse to seek refuge in the warmth of a pub. So here are some recommendations for cozy Scottish pubs to enjoy in the Highlands.

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