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Scotland Travel Blog May 09

"Spirit of the West"

Rather than a long rambling description of what we did in May, I am simply going to post this Video Clip that we took of the Tribal Celtic bagpipe and drum band, Clann An Drumma, who we met at the "Spirit of the West" Whisky Festival this month.

We also got a great video of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers doing there version of Queens "We Will Rock You". Unfortunately, I got a bit fingers and thumbs later in the day (nothing to do with all the free whisky samples...honest!) and I accidentally deleted this video from the camera.

The festival turned out to be a great opportunity for us to catch up with some old friends and acquaintances. We spent a good while chatting with the Scottish artist Ian Gray who we first met back in 2002 at the Islay Whisky Festival. In fact we like his paintings so much that we have 3 of them hanging in the house. Ian specialises in whisky themed paintings and he has a great range of the famous distilleries on Islay. He also has a website where you can see and buy them.

The festival included a tent full of local food producers and we made some good contacts for future "Foodie" themed tours that we are planning.

OK, enough of my ramblings! Time for some stirring Scottish music to get you into the mood for charging into battle with your Claymore swinging above your head... Yeee-Hahhhh!!!


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