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Deep Sea World


Deep Sea World is an aquarium located under the Forth Road Bridge. The exhibits are divided into different world areas and corresponding underwater fauna and flora. The Reptilian world shows different types of frogs and toads (yellow ones, black spotted green ones, red spotted blue ones – all very colourful and almost cute). The shallow Pools in the main hall display varieties of stingrays and starfishes. There are regular explanations, mainly aimed at children, about how these fish live and survive. There is also a range of smaller tanks with piranhas and colourful tropical fish (not together!) – to the delight of children.

Deep Sea World's main attraction is the large underwater tunnel, which allows the visitors to stand on a gently moving conveyor belt whilst fish, sharks, and stingrays swim over their heads. This is a really impressive experience and is the best part of what would otherwise be just another aquarium! Our 4-year-old was totally enthralled and did about 10 laps of the circuit. If you time your visit correctly, you can do the underwater tunnel at feeding time when scuba divers enter the tanks and hand-feed fish to the sharks. The feeding times are accompanied by a knowledgeable commentary from one of the staff.

Some adventurous types might like to get up close with one of the shark dives offered in the Underwater Safari experience. It’s scary, but they assure us it is the experience of a lifetime (we've not been tempted to try it personally yet). Shark dives cost £ 185.00 for one diver and 2 spectators. A great birthday gift for the person who has already got everything, or a Valentine's Gift for the partner you're trying to get rid of!


Battery Quarry, North Queensferry, Fife, KY11 1JR

Operated by:


Opening Hours:

Mon to Fri: 10 am to 4 pm,
Sat & Sun: 10 am to 5 pm
(last entry 1 hour before closing time).


Adult £ 18, Child £ 12.95 (under 3yrs free), Senior £ 16.













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