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Auchindrain Township


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Auchindrain Museum is a unique example of an original 18th-century Highland township. We rate this attraction highly because it has a tangible authenticity. Sometimes when you are visiting other museums the exhibits feel a bit "staged", but at Auchindrain you know you are seeing something genuine.

What makes Auchindrain of particular interest is the fact that other villages of this type were destroyed by the Highland Clearances. This little community survived those turbulent times and the last inhabitant only left in 1962.

The tour of Auchindrain township starts with a display of some of the more fragile and valuable articles that would have been owned by the villagers. The most notable of these exhibit items is a large and ingeniously constructed weaving loom made from bits of driftwood. It looks like something from the "Flintstones", but is a marvelous example of the skill and self-reliance of the Crofters.

After this exhibition, you wander around the buildings of the township. Instead of information boards, you are given a tablet device that provides information relevant to where you are in the township. So you get details about each building's use, its distinctive features, and some snippets of information about the previous occupants. The experience makes you appreciate just how easy we have it these days when you see the small box beds and basic living conditions. For example, only one of the crofts has a sink in it!

Some of the houses retain period furniture and there are lots of old farming tools in the barns. It really does look as if the villagers just gathered up what they could carry and left. However, there are still some occupants! A very bold group of free-range hens and some sheep who aren't much intimidated by visitors.

Auchindrain Township has a lot of charm and we really enjoyed our visit. This isn't a polished visitor attraction, but this is what adds to its individuality and is part of its appeal.

If you are a Scottish descendant returning to trace family roots, then you should consider a visit to Auchindrain. It is one of the best places in Scotland for "touching" the history of ordinary people.

It is located about 6 miles south of Inveraray, on the A83 to Lochgilphead, and is easily seen from the road.


By Inveraray, Argyll PA32 8WD Tel: 01499 500235

Operated by:

Independent Visit their website.

Opening Hours:

1st April - 31st October, daily, 10am-5pm. Last admission 4pm
Also open Monday to Thursday from November to March, but it is wise to book in advance during the winter season.


Adults £12, Children (5-17 years old) £6, Senior Citizens and Students £9






Outdoor museum with uneven paths. The traditional buildings are in their original condition so there are steps and narrow doorways.







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