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Whenever you see a Testimonials page you always wonder "Are these Real?"

You usually get a list of quotes from "Mr. X" or "Mrs. A" waxing lyrical about how great such and such an experience was. Why should you believe them?

Well that's what we think too, so we have given you links to read genuine reviews that our clients have written about Secret Scotland on Facebook, Tripadvisor and in their own Blogs.

You can see that these reviews are real, so you can have solid confidence in our promise that our guides will make your Scotland holiday better.


Facebook Reviews - some of the pictures and comments left on Facebook by our clients.

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Blogs - some interesting reads in the trip reports that our clients have written about their tours of Scotland.

Patti & John's Photo Blog – A really nice selection of photos taken during their 2010 Scotland Tour which they planned using our Scenic Flexi Tour Itinerary.

Antonio Tombolini's Blog – We created Antonio an itinerary with some special experiences for his family to do together to celebrate a milestone birthday. You can see a photo montage of their trip on his blog page.

Cathy House's Blog – A day by day account of Cathy's short Scotland Tour using one of our travel guides.

Le Sombre's Blog - A very entertaining blog written by one of our Canadian clients about their Whisky themed tour of Scotland. The story of their holiday is a 4 part series and a very humorous insight into the adventures of touring Scotland.

LexEat Blog - Somebody that we don't know from Australia who wrote a "foodie" blog about their travels around Scotland using our Best of Scotland Flexi itinerary. Makes you feel hungry when you see the pictures she took of her meals in the restaurants that we recommended.

World Traveling Military Family Blog - A concise account of a short and pretty hectic 4 night tour of Scotland that a US Army family did using our Scenic 4 itinerary. They adapted the guide a bit, but followed a lot of of our recommendations to find little places that they would otherwise have missed.

Tim & Kathy's Place - Tim & Kathy used our Castle 10 and Scenic Flexi tour plans to create a tour route that combined sight-seeing with some visits to places with family connections. We like their comparison of the usefulness of Secret Scotland guides relative to Lonely Planet and Rick Steeves.

Timeless Sassenach Journeys - Three ladies with an "Outlander" addiction who used one of our guides in 2012 to plan their self-drive Scotland tour.

Tripadvisor – Just a few of the comments left about Secret Scotland Tours on Tripadvisor's Scotland Forum


Over 100 pages with hundreds of links. It's an entire guide book! I truly am without words. I was expecting maybe 5-6 pages for each week. I have to say that I feel very, very guilty at the small amount we paid for the wealth of information you provided.


- Deborah, St Louis, Missouri


The Tours look great...Your site was the best all round site I found during my search.


- Marisa Herring, New Braunfels, Texas, USA


I am delighted with my purchase of your Scenic Scotland 7 days tour, wish that I had found your website sooner. I would have saved many hours of uneducated web surfing and comparisons.


- Dr. Jacinta Meharchand, Toronto, Canada.


Thanks to you our journey was met with all our expectations and BEYOND!


- Lori McDade 19th August 2015 on Facebook



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Read what Clients say about Secret Scotland on Facebook, Tripadvisor and in their Blogs

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