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Aury & Mike from Secret Scotland

"How We Got The Idea"

The Secret Scotland concept was born as a result of helping some American friends, Bruce and Janie, with planning their Scotland Tour.

Before asking for our help, they had spent hours reading guide books and researching the internet to create their Tour Itinerary. They then sent us a copy to ask what we thought…

We had to be honest…Bruce & Janie’s itinerary was feasible (if they’d been driving a Ferrari) and they were going to see a lot of Scotland, but most of it would have been viewed from behind a truck on a busy main road.

They had also scheduled in visits to places that we knew, from personal experience, to be over-rated and over-priced.

And their choice of places for overnight stays were often in places that we wouldn’t have recommended because much prettier villages were just a few miles away.

Bruce & Janie had looked forward to this Scottish Holiday for a long time, so we sat down to plan them something special, sharing our favourite scenic spots, pubs and restaurants.

They loved their holiday and suggested we should start planning Scotland tours for a living…

"And What Happened Next"

Back in 2005 we started to work on an idea to provide visitors with a way of planning Scotland Tours that would be easier and better than using guidebooks or internet research.

Secret Scotland is the result: tour guides presented in the form of day-by-day itineraries with detailed directions to find the best of Scotland by means of the most scenic routes.

We’ve travelled the country extensively to create these guides. Driving the routes and carefully noting road signs to ensure you don’t get lost. Visiting castles, museums, beaches, lochs, tourist attractions, restaurants and quite a few pubs so that we can guide you to the best places.

We have also visited over 400 B&B’s to select the best places for you to stay along the route of each tour.

We are constantly touring Scotland to research new tours and you can read about our travels in our online Scotland Travel Diaries.


"Who We Are"

We are Aury, originally from France, and Mike, a native of Scotland. Mike has extensive experience in organising conservation holidays for groups in Scotland’s wilderness, while Aurelia has widely travelled the country to compile tour packages for coach groups. You can trust us to guide you to the best Scottish holiday experience.

Read our Scotland Travel Diaries

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